Nova Scotia Waterfalls

There are numerous Waterfalls in Nova Scotia which I’ve recently begun photographing. The area I am currently concentrating on is the 2 mountain ranges that form the Annapolis Valley, many of which flow into the Bay of Fundy.

As I photograph I like to make a number of images of the Waterfalls and the surrounding area to create a since of context for the falls that shows some of the nearby features which often include up stream and down stream from the falls, land formations, rock faces and the river bed as well as the forests and trails that are part of the geological and terrestrial make up of the area.

About Title Numbers

The title for each photograph has a number. Each individual number represents a particular waterfall and the additional photographs taken near that particular waterfall.

For example: the number 10 is given to Borden Falls, all the other photographs with a number 10 were taken in the surrounding area of that waterfall.