Acadian Forests

The Acadian Forests Album includes photographs from the forests listed below which were taken at either Old Growth Forests having trees of 200 to 400 years old or older forests with trees in the area of 100 years old. 

Forests included in the photographs above.

Ten Mile Lake, Queens County, NS
Knox Conservation, Queens County, NS
North Molega*, Queens County, NS
Carleton Park, Mount Claremont, NB
Mink Brook, North Molega, Queens, NS
Yarmouth, NS
Hog’s Lake Trail*, North Molega, Queens NS
Gaff Point, Lunenburg, NS
Lamb Lake Forest Reserve Old Growth Forest), Annapolis, NS
Agri Forest, Kentville, NS
Victoria Park, Truro, NS
Chebogue Meadows Wildlife, Yarmouth, NS
Rail Trail, LaHave River, New Germany, NS
Pleasant River, Queens NS
Cape Split, Kings County, NS
Thomas Randall Park, Shellburne, NS
Hemlock Forest, LaHave River, Lunenburg, NS
A pine forest*, New Elm, Lunenburg, NS
Boot Lake to Gang Lake, South Milford, Annapolis County, NS
Pine Grove Forest, Milton, Queens,NS
Gaspereau Canal, Kings County, NS
The Tunnel* (Old Growth Forest) Lake Rossignol, Queens County, NS

*An unofficial name used to identify the location that may be on private land.

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