Recent Projects

July – August

I’m switching from the Spring Projects and exploring new forests. I photographed a beautiful forest in New Brunswick but want to return later this summer to photograph an Old Growth Forest that I missed in my late June visit at Fundy National Park. I have a list of forests that I’m hoping to get to photograph over the coming months.

April -June

During April through June I’m working on 2 projects. 1. Creating an Album of Photographs on Old Growth Forests near the Humber River. 2. Shooting additional photographs for my project on the Niagara Escarpment which I hope to present on this Website during the winter of 2019/20.

I went to the Orchid Festival at Tobermory the first week of June to photograph the Lady Slippers, while I only saw 2 in bloom it was a great time to be on this part of the Escarpment before the main tourist season begins.

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